Elle Aces Everyday Makeup!

 I first started wearing makeup after high school at seventeen! My makeup artist at that time was my one and only big sister who had taken a makeup course at Snips and was way more experienced than I was when it came to makeup because at that time, I was a total potato. Taking the makeup basics I learned from her, I practiced and perfected my simple every-day makeup routine gradually. There were so many bits, bumps and sparks throughout my journey finding the exact right every-day makeup products and techniques for me I want to share with all of you. Now it’s time and here goes…!

When applying makeup, getting the foundation right is half the journey done. For a face like mine which was suffering from acne at the teenage age of 17, it was a big deal to be using just the right foundation that covered all acne/acne scars, still let skin breath and won’t smudge throughout the day. My first foundation that came close to doing all the heavy duty work was the Bobby Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 PA+. My skin is the tropical, natural tanned tone and the shade 4.5 Warm Natural couldn’t fit me any better. I loved the watery, very blendable texture of the foundation, how it sat on my face like second skin, so airy-light and with SPF, yes! The only downside to me was the coverage.

I needed more of it than the foundation could provide and had to use concealer if I wanted all my spots covered. I wanted to do as little as possible to attain perfect-looking skin so I had to opt for another option which is where Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation came in. It really does its promise about great coverage and let me skip using my concealer. Being an HD foundation, I saw wearing it made my complexion seem flawless (no spots whatsoever) outside and on camera too! With this foundation, some tiny problems I had were that the shade they gave me was 153=Y405 which was warmer than I’d like. (I love the cool shades, you know?) It wasn’t as watery was the Bobby Brown too so for someone who is too used to super blendable watery liquid foundation, it was an issue.

Elle before and after makeup picture
You can see here my face is more defined and put together with makeup but I still like my makeup free face!

So I had to self-compromise and alternate between the two of them. On days when I’m in the mode for BB, I make it a BB day and on days when I feel like I need super coverage, I switch to MUF. I sometimes go acne-free now that my acne had cleared up and feel good baring my face. Read about my struggle with acne here. (I encourage not wearing makeup when you don’t need to but it’s a personal thing so you decide!) I use powder (Bobby Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15 in Medium) only on my T-zone.

My preference for blush shade is the cool-tone baby pink which every brand has. The blush in Clarins Travel Vanity Makeup Palette is by far, my absolute favorite gorgeous pink. I like having pink on my cheeks more than brown or orange both of which I feel, make me look older. I feel like pink cheeks make me look the way I want the most and give me a young vibe! It’s just my thing!

Now for my every day eye makeup, I use only a mere two items, eyebrow pencil and mascara. Empro Triangular Brow Pencil is the superstar I want to introduce to the world here! With its ease of use with the triangular tip on one end and the great brush on the other, perfect packaging and long lastingness, it’s my irreplaceable Holy Grail item! I think it’s underrated! You will not want to go back to other brow products again after you’ve used that one if you are a brow beginner with not the most precise hands for drawing up your brows! The pencil is designed for you to easily get your brows right which can speak volumes. Everyone, won’t you agree that it’s important that your brow game is strong and on-point?!

My search for the perfect mascara was long due to me having difficult-to-work-with little sparse lashes. My lashes need the most powerful mascara to look great and after my failed trials with every mascara from every brand, I found it in Lancome Virtuose Mascara. It may not be a common favorite but it works like magic on my lashes, elongating, curling and voluminizing them. I love how the pitch black Noir Sensual is so pitch black.

My search for the perfect eye liner was even longer. I use eye liner for every day makeup too if I feel like it, though just sometimes. The Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner stands as my hard-searched, non-smudgy liner for now. My tapered eyelids have a way of smudging the most claimed-as-non-smudgy liner but Hyper Sharp manages to stay unmoved throughout the day. mascara trick by Kylie JennerKnowing a mascara trick is why I can skip the eye-lining step too. I got it from Kylie Jenner and it’s a simple trick of letting mascara touch along the roots of my lashes while applying it so it almost gives a thin-line effect, really makes my eyes pop and appear bigger. How convenient!


For lippies, I like to buy safe pink shades that I can get away with either at school or work. My every day shade would be my favorite creamy or matte pink which goes into the beige pink category. Sometimes, when I feel bold, I might even wear funky colors like black to work but mostly, I stick to pinks. BTW, I never ever needed a mirror for my lipstick application, which to my surprise, amazes other people! I’d just twist/pull out my lipstick or gloss and run it all over my lips clockwise and I’ve had a lot of people told me not everyone could do that. (Just a fun fact!)

Two Rules of Thumb When You Have Makeup On
  1. Carry two-way or setting powder with you for touchups throughout the day. My easily-oily nose which would be shining like a disco ball by midday needs those touchups!
  2. Never ever consciously or unconsciously be touching or rubbing makeup off your face! (Why did you try so hard to have it on in the first place?)
How I Apply My Every Day Makeup

Foundation – By fingers just patting it gently and evenly onto skin

Concealer    – Dab dab with fingers (not rubbing it across the skin) (Use one shade lighter than your skin tone for under eye coverage and one shade darker for spots coverage)

Powder        – Patting it onto skin with puff

Blush            – By brush drawing it in circles inwards from cheekbones near the ears to the center of the cheeks

Mascara      – From root to tip of lashes in zigzag motions

Eyeliner       – Drawing a single line, creating small or no wings

Lipstick        – By putting it on my lips (oh, and no mirror!)

GIF No mirror lipstick application gif, self-created by Elle

Whew… just shared my every day makeup with y’all and some tips that might help you! I can’t squeeze all my makeup knowledge in one post so this is just an experience sharing with not a lot of advice. Being no guru, I don’t want to be giving you advice you already know. I just put it some interesting, maybe new stuff! Did you like reading this? Please tell!

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