Step into my world! 🤗

Hi there!

I’m Eé Mon Si aka Elle, Myanmar and a 21-year-old recent Bachelor Degree graduate with an English for Professional Purposes major. I am bubbly, eccentric( an oddball at times) and travelling is my life! My work experience includes five-years in education teaching English and writing different kinds of content part-time, both of which I’m still doing now. When I’m not doing these, I might be reading, volunteering, hanging out with my girl pals or just pondering about life. So you can see I’m pretty much like any other girl in her early twenties… .

BUT WAIT!! I am DIFFERENT. Feel free to read further into this site to find out just how much!

Why the blog?

I love writing! Writing to me, is a creative form of art that I enjoy doing to share and benefit the readers. It can even help me release pent-up emotions, evoke feelings, inspire and bring about inner change in people. Blogging allows me to simply do what I love and share it with other people.I bet you’ll gain joy and useful knowledge from here as I write lifestyle, fashion and beauty, travels and more. Hopefully, I have enough insights about those to entertain and interest you.

Thanks for stopping by!